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Why choose a Marco Equipment fire truck?


Ford, and more recently Ram, are the two primary chassis cabs used in Marco builds. The chassis are ordered from their respective factories with a variety of fire apparatus related features such as air pack seats.

We will then build to the customers specification including features such as V MUX controled LED lighitng, water pumps up to 500 GPM, roll up compartment doors, a center console for controls, just to name a few.


Each and every Marco body is fully engineered using computer aided design (CAD) therefore there is no -cut -and- weld - as- you- go in the shop. This alone is a great step that leads to correct and straight bodies. The CAD system then operates the water jet cutting machine, as each part is cut to the perfect dimension the every time. All sheet metal is cut using a CAD operated water jet machine to make the cleanest straightest lines and corners. Marco will not use sheers or punches to cut sheet metal which creates torn and ragged edges where corrosion typically begins.

When the assembly and welding process begins the parts fit perfectly using a tab and slot system that Marco developed. Wherever one sheet is fitted to another the water jet cuts a slot for a corresponding tab to be inserted from the next sheet. This eliminates straight butt joints where weld breakage and cracking issues tend to begin. There is no guess work and the measuring, squaring and adjusting are eliminated as the two pieces come together perfectly every time.

Another advantage to this system is the strength the body then possesses similar to a dovetail in a wood working joint or tongue and groove joint. Also this system does not need framing jigs to be built for every body design, saving time and money. Marco has the flexibility to build to what a customer needs and expects.

Marco bodies use heavy wall extruded tubing which is much stronger than a bent form structure often used in the building of bodies. Starting with a strong frame then welding the sheet metal system to it provides the customer with a very strong and correct body.


Before construction begins the electrical system is fully engineered and capacities are calculated to be sure of long service life. Wiring is color coded and printed with the wires function every six inches for ease of service. The customer and dealer receive as built diagrams of every part of the system. Wiring meets all applicable NFPA and SAE standards as well as GXL temperature properties wherever needed.

The Weldon VMUX system manages all of the load functions and provides information for the operators.

Standard lighting packages include Whelen Engineering for both scene and emergency lights.

Pump and Plumbing

Marco will fully engineer a pump system according to a customer's request. A variety of pump sizes are available as well as operator friendly panel layouts. Multiple color coding, lighting and outlet configurations can be fitted to Marco bodies.

The DirectDrive Plus PTO system was developed by Marco and allows PTO driven pumps with ratings of up to 500 GPM without the space, weight and expense of traditional split shaft mid ship pump designs. The pump is mounted under the body which saves space in the body. Pump and roll capabilities are available with many models. We could add front bumper ground sweeps or cab controled turret guns to complete the brush package.

Rescue and tool mounting

Rescue, EMS support and Fire Police are just a few of the other functions that Marco has built units for. Rescue bodies feature full depth compartments above and behind the wheels and a transverse compartment behind the cab. Or if you prefer we will start with a Ford, Ram, Cheverolet pickup truck and build or ad compartmentation on their standard beds.

Tool mounting is neat and clean with everything in its place and properly secured. We will use the best mount for the task or fabricate it ourselves if that is what is needed.

Thanks for allowing us to be part of your process. Starting with the build spec we will fullfill our promise to build a unit that you can be proud of and that will give you years of trouble free service.